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DIY Panda Glass w/ Strawberry Oat Milk

DIY Panda Glass w/ Strawberry Oat Milk

Check out this super cute Panda Glass DIY, inspired by a Pinterest video from eHow. It's the perfect way to display my delicious, refined sugar-free Strawberry Vanilla Oat Milk, which is generally less expensive than nut milks and is a great alternative for those with nut allergies who want a vegan milk. Read the easy glass instructions below.



  1. Clean glass with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.

  2. Using a permanent marker or paint pen, draw your design on the glass. (You can also tape a picture to the inside of the glass and trace it. Remove the paper picture before baking it.)

  3. Put the glass in a cool oven.

  4. Put the oven temp on 200 and bake for two hours.

  5. Let the glass cool completely in the oven to set the design.

  6. Enjoy! Be sure to only handwash your awesome creation to preserve the design.

Check out the delicious recipe for Strawberry Vanilla Oat Milk, the perfect drink for your next DIY Self Care Saturday.

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