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Black Mermaid Bath Salts

Black Mermaid Bath Salts

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I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.
— Anais Nin, "The Four-Chambered Heart"

If you can relate to this quote, then my ocean-inspired Black Mermaid Bath Salt recipe is for you...

From the time I was a child, I've loved mermaids. Maybe it's the connection with the water, or the fact that "Part of Your World" is still my jam to this day, but these detoxing lava bath salts featuring an ocean scent and beneficial kelp will have you channeling your inner (dark) Ariel in no time. 

Activated charcoal is showing up just about everywhere these days, you can read more about it on my post, "Activated Charcoal: Wellness as Dark as Your Soul."

Read on below for the recipe to enjoy your own detoxing mermaid bath. Use it as a reason to flip your fins and take a time out while enjoying a gentle soak. Make sure to use water that's not too hot, as hot water can make the detox properties too intense. The essential oils are optional (but oh, so nice) and unisex, you can adjust or swap them out for others according to your own preferences. Shoutout to Needful Things Natural Home and Body Care for the guidance on this recipe!


  • 1 cup fine Black Lava Sea Salt or 1 C fine sea salt+a few activated charcoal pills
  • 1/2 cup Raw Kelp Granules
  • 4 drops Bergamot Essential Oil (optional)
  • 3 drops Geranium Essential Oil (optional)
  • 2 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (optional)
  • 2 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil (optional)
  • 2 drops Sandlewood Essential Oil (optional)


  1. Mix all ingredients together. If you want an extra fine powder soak, combine kelp and salt in a food processor and blend until fine, then add essential oils after transferring to a bowl.
  2. To use, add about 1/4-1/3 cup to your lukewarm bath.
  3. Store in a glass container and get your dark mermaid on whenever the mood strikes you. Siren song optional.

If you need some quotes for a relaxing bathtub meditation, check out my post of 31 Inspirational Quotes. (You can pick one to repeat to yourself as you breathe deeply, inhaling feelings of peace and relaxation. Do I sound like a yoga instructor now??? Hahaha!) When I'm more recovered from the accident, these bath salts made in collaboration with Needful Things Natural Home and Body Care (along with a fizzy bath bomb version) will be available in the Shop.

*Note: Because of how fine the charcoal powder is, and the texture of the kelp, this might be hard to clean out of certain bathtubs. I recommend Needful Things Natural Home and Body Care's Cleopatra's Mystery cleaning vinegar, it's all-natural and cleans amazingly!

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