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Photo by Ken Brown Photography


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Un-Be-Leaf-able Autumn DIY

Un-Be-Leaf-able Autumn DIY


I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already! As I’ve said before, my family doesn’t celebrate the traditional history of the holiday due to the far-ranging and ever present effects of colonialism, but we do enjoy coming together for a wonderful meal in gratitude to God and our ancestors for all that they’ve done in order for us to have such blessed lives.


This autumn DIY is both easy and sustainable, as you can use it year after year. It’s for leaf-shaped silverware holders made out of felt, and I even have a free printable template in the Shop for you to use! You can use a variety of different colors of felt, and even get your kids in on it to help make them. Felt is very inexpensive, and probably the only material you’ll need to buy for this DIY. And the craft stores are always having sales and coupons this time of year!


Not only is this easy project a festive decoration for your table settings, but it’s also a simple way to add a little organization to it. This is especially true if you are doing your meal buffet-style; the silverware sets for your guests will already be together in an easy-to-grab holder!

You don’t have to be super creative or crafty to make this Pinterest and Insta-worthy project that you can style up however you want with reusable napkins, or even tie a piece of twine around the whole shebang. If you can trace and cut, then there’s little you can do to mess this up. By the way, feel free to pin this project and tag me @cazoshay_marie #DIDwithCazoshay on social media so I can see how yours turned out.

Read on below for the simple instructions.



  1. Print out my free leaf silverware holder template on card stock.

  2. Using a marker, trace the template onto felt and cut them out. I got two leaves from each piece of felt.

  3. Cut two slits in the middle of the holder, large enough to accommodate your silverware. You can eyeball it, but the template is about 9” tall, so I cut my slits at the 4” and 5” marks and made them about an inch wide to fit my silverware. The easiest way to do it is to make your marks where you want to cut it, fold it in half, then cut the slits. Make sure to mark on the same side you traced it on so there’s no visible marks on your finished product.

  4. To use, place a knife, spoon and fork through the two slits.


If you’re looking for some healthy and delicious meal option for this Thanksgiving, check out my Totally Tasty Tofu Turkey recipe. And you definitely need to see my post on how to have your best Thanksgiving celebration yet, including inspo for clean, green makeup!

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Update 9/3/18

Update 9/3/18