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Photo by Ken Brown Photography


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Green Thumb 101: Upcycled Plant Markers

Green Thumb 101: Upcycled Plant Markers


Happy #SustainableSaturday! You know here on D.I.D. with Cazoshay, every day is Earth Day. I love sharing easy and fun ways to be sustainable with you. It's little steps that can lead to a big impact for Mother Earth.

If you follow me on social media, then you have seen that since coming back to Arizona, I've stepped up my backyard farming game. This is the first in a series of posts and podcasts I'll be sharing with easy ways to grow your own food, herbs and plant medicine called #GreenThumb101!


This post is actually a cool DIY project that you are sure to enjoy. It's for upcycled plant markers made from silverware! I started by visiting my local thrift shop and picking up some silverware, spoons and butter knives to be exact. Next, I headed to the craft store and picked up some permanent ink and mini alphabet stamps, which happened to be just $2 in their front low price section (always so many cute things to tempt you with, amirite??? Thanks, Michael's!)

The whole project costed me a little over $10. You can't beat that, and you're doing something good for yourself and the planet by recycling and growing your own sustainable garden! You can also do these for your houseplants.

This is also a great project to do with kiddos that are old enough to have the motor skills to do the stamping. Read on below for detailed instructions on this super easy DIY!

$4 for a whole bag of silverware! Just re-donate what you don't need!

$4 for a whole bag of silverware! Just re-donate what you don't need!


  • StazOn Permanent Jet Black Ink-$8.99, $5.39 with coupon!

  • Mini Alphabet Stamps-$2

  • Nail Polish Remover or stamp cleaner-you probably already own some!

  • Paper Towels or cotton rounds-same as above!

  • Secondhand Silverware (Spoons and Butter Knives)-varies, I found a whole bag at Goodwill for $4

  • Total Cost of Project, not including your plants of course!=$11.39



  1. Start by washing the silverware in the dishwasher, because, germs. Plus you want to make sure you have a totally clean surface to start with.

  2. Using your stamps, stamp out the names of the plants you planted. Don't think too hard about it, this is a creative project. Stamp them vertically, horizontally, stamp the letters all around the silverware, do it on the handle-however you want! Just have fun with it!

  3. Because it's permanent ink, you'll want to clean your stamps after each time you use them using nail polish remover or stamp cleaner. That way the ink won't dry onto your stamp permanently.

  4. Let your upcycled markers dry overnight before placing them next to your plants.

  5. Place in your pots to mark your pretty plantings and enjoy! Since permanent ink is used, they can be used outside and will stand up to both watering and the elements.



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Update 9/3/18

Update 9/3/18

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