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Farmer’s Market Finds 02/09/19

Farmer’s Market Finds 02/09/19

The weekend is never long enough, amirite? Monday mornings have me already anticipating the end of the week. While mindfulness practices can help you get through the week with less stress and a better mood, there is one thing that typically takes place on the weekends that is definitely worth the anticipation: the Farmers’ Market!


My son and I love going every weekend I’m feeling well enough to go. The wonderful thing about living in Arizona is that there are so many to choose from…


I thought I’d share a few of the neat things I got at one of our last trips to the Market. You can get info on the shops and makers at the end of this post.


This necklace is an actual chili pepper! The artist even shook it for me there so I could hear the seeds that were still inside. It’s done by local makers Concentrated Earth using a technique called copper electroforming. Basically, it’s a metalwork process where copper is melted down and then fused to an object, coating and preserving it. They had scorpions and animal skulls, all kinds of cool stuff along with the crystals they were selling. As a chef who loves spicy foods and is a bit of a spicy pepper herself, the chili was the obvious choice. Down below are a couple of the other things we got that weekend and where you can find them.


If you’re gonna get salsa, ya’ gotta’ make sure that it’s “effin’ hot”!


Can’t wait to use these dried oyster mushrooms in a dish. They’re from AZ Mushco and are grown right here in Arizona!


Honorable Mention from Last Week: This super cool tumbler from Sandy Siegel of Botanicals in Clay (@botanicalsinclay). It’s so beautiful and this deer in glasses is seriously the most. Love it!



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