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Photo by Ken Brown Photography


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Tomato Canning Playlist+Thrifted Hip Hop Honey 'fit

Tomato Canning Playlist+Thrifted Hip Hop Honey 'fit

“I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress…I can’t explain why your love, it makes me weeeeeaaaaaaak”


If you’re also a Millennial Hip Hop Hippie Hipster then you might know that the lyrics above are a mash-up of both a Lumineers song (“Cleopatra”) and one from SWV (“Weak”). It’s a pretty good example of the mash-up that is me. My style is everything from 50’s to 90’s to alternative to farmer girl and more. Mostly all thrifted of course.

This post has some pictures of the (admittedly and accidentally 90’s inspired) outfit that I wore to can the rescued tomatoes I got last month. It took me a long time to do it, including taking breaks, and I definitely had to rest the day before and for a few days after and ended up in a great deal of pain due to my conditions. Sometimes I don’t know that I can’t do something until my conditions let me know. And they definitely let me know. If you want to start canning, I “can” assure you it will not be as difficult for you as it is for me now, I’m recovering from injuries I sustained in an accident I was in and have ongoing conditions due to it that make activities much more difficult, if not impossible. (heheheh, see what I did there? I “can” assure you…anybody? No? Okay…)

Anyhoo, my outfit was a long sleeved crop top featuring Selena Quintanilla paired with a black pair of vintage high-waisted Sasson jeans. And as you will be able to tell from the view in the pics, I am probably (definitely) more than a little in love with them. Super comfy and very flattering if I do say so myself. And I do. =)

Side Note: OMG peep this Elton John Sasson Jeans commercial from 1984!

While my outfit said 90s hip hop honey, my canning soundtrack was decidedly more…mellow. (Full Disclosure: There’s a fair amount of James Taylor on there…)

I wanted to share said soundtrack with you along with some cute outfit pics because, why not???

Do you have a certain “soundtrack” or motivational songs you play while completing a task? As Sandy said in Grease, “tell me about it, stud.” In other words, “leave me a comment, babe!”

Love and blessings to everyone who reads this!




Cazoshay’s Tomato Canning Playlist April 2019

(In No Particular Order)

  1. “Linger” (Bluegrass Rendition of the Cranberries)-Pickin’ On Series

  2. “Angela”-The Lumineers

  3. “You & Me”-Dave Matthews Band

  4. “Cleopatra”-The Lumineers

  5. “Lemon Parade” (Acoustic 2016)-Tonic

  6. “Dead Sea”-The Lumineers

  7. “Turn Me On”-Norah Jones

  8. “Country Road”-James Taylor

  9. “At This Point in My Life”-Tracy Chapman

  10. “Sweet Baby James”-James Taylor

  11. “Let You Down”-Dave Matthews Band

  12. “All the Wild Horses”-Ray LaMontagne

  13. “Rose of My Heart” (Album Version)-Johnny Cash

  14. “The Mountains Win Again”-Blues Traveler

  15. “Carolina In My Mind”-James Taylor

  16. “Ants Marching”-Dave Matthews Band

  17. “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (Album Version)-Johnny Cash

  18. “Grace is Gone”-Dave Matthews Band

  19. “Ophelia”-The Lumineers

  20. “You Can Close Your Eyes”-James Taylor

  21. “Fire and Rain”-James Taylor

  22. “Swept Away” [Sentimental Version]-The Avett Brothers

  23. “Morning Song”-The Avett Brothers

  24. “Stubborn Love”-The Lumineers

  25. “Shelter”-Ray LaMontagne

  26. “I Wish I Was the Moon”-Neko Case

  27. “If You Could Read My Mind”-Gordon Lightfoot

  28. “In the Name of You”-Andrew Combs

  29. “Home”-Jack Johnson

  30. “Farmhouse”-Phish

  31. “Come Away with Me”-Nora Jones

  32. “Bloom” (Bonus Track)-The Paper Kites

  33. “Ho Hey”-The Lumineers

  34. “Kiss Me” (Bluegrass Rendition of Sixpence None the Richer)-Pickin’ On Series

  35. “Sounds Like Hallelujah”-The Head and the Heart

  36. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”-Pickin’ on Series

  37. “Let It Be Me”-Ray LaMontagne

  38. “Time After Time”-Pickin’ On Series

  39. “Harvest Moon”-Neil Young

  40. “Old Pine”-Ben Howard

  41. “Rivers and Roads”-The Head and the Heart

  42. “Mushaboom”-Feist

  43. “Saturday Clothes”-Gordon Lightfoot

  44. “Something in the Way She Moves”-James Taylor



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