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#MantraMondays with Cazoshay
to May 31

#MantraMondays with Cazoshay

Photo+Makeup by:  The Beat and Shoot

Photo+Makeup by: The Beat and Shoot

May is meditation month, join me every week here on the site as well as on my YouTube & Facebook Pages for #MantraMonday! I'll be sharing short, simple and to the point mantras to get your week started off on the right vibes with mindfulness and self care.

The Love & Tora No Me Mists, as well as the Midoriko line of crystal body products come with a card of mantras to incorporate into your self care & wellness regimens. Check them out here.

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Kombucha Month
to Mar 31

Kombucha Month

Midoriko Kombucha.jpg

I'm officially dubbing March as the month of Kombucha. Every Wednesday in March I will be sharing a different, unique kombucha recipe with easy instructions for how you can make them yourself and enjoy the probiotic goodness. In addition to containing gut-healthy probiotics, kombucha detoxifies your body as well as contains immune and energy boosting properties. Join me on my Facebook page and here on the site as I share the easy recipes.

The delicious flavors I'll be sharing are: 

I also have a post that will give you a simple DIY for growing your own SCOBYs!

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to Feb 10


21 Ninety holiday green list 1.jpeg

"But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."

-Carrie Bradshaw

She gets it! February is the month of love, and one of the most important people in your life to show love to is yourself...

*These tips are for dudes also, Star Lord, aka Chris Pratt, uses face masks too!


  • Feb. 3rd-Face Masks+Scrubs: See the post here featuring an easy orange peel+coconut oil face scrub and info from wellness pro Wisteria Ward of Needful Things Natural Home and Body Care
  • Feb. 10th-Jade Rolling: See a short video on how to use a jade roller featuring my Matcha Rose Love Balm
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A Very Golden New Year Online Event
to Jan 5

A Very Golden New Year Online Event

Golden Milk Latte.jpeg

Get a head start on your 2018 wellness resolutions and join me here on this event page where I will be sharing delicious and easy recipes using my all natural, vegan Golden Milk Superfood Powder.

The benefits of consuming this blend are numerous. Golden Milk:

•Builds immunity
•Helps prevent and treat the cold and flu
•Helps with digestion
•Liver tonic
•Helps clear skin (including conditions such as eczema)
•Helps treat autoimmune disease
•Improves circulation
•Reduces arthritis pain
•Improves reproductive health for women
•Assists in weight loss
•Helps balance blood sugar

Get yours here:

D.I.D. with Cazoshay, its materials and products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All material on this site is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or a qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health related program. 

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12:00 PM12:00

New Superfood Powder Online Launch

Green Juice Grid.JPG

Join D.I.D. with Cazoshay for the live online launch and announcement of the newest Superfood Powder flavor! It's a super popular, anti-inflammatory, ayurveda-inspired mix with sooooo many benefits. Can you guess what it is? The flavor will be announced on the Facebook event page first, along with the link to be the first to buy it!

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to Apr 9

6 to Splits Online Event

I had the privilege of being on The Cool Podcast with Dr. Kevin L. Jenkins where we talked joy, yoga and wellness. During the interview he mentioned the splits being one of his goals and asked what yoga poses I would suggest to help him achieve it; I often get that same question on my social media platforms and in my class events.

Being able to do the splits is all about consistent practice and knowing which poses will build up the flexibility to get you there. Join me for an online event on my Facebook page where we'll be exploring six different yoga poses which, if practiced regularly, will help you gain the flexibility to do the splits. There'll be both photos and videos posted to the event page for you to add to your yoga stretch arsenal. Even if the splits aren't your goal, you can still gain from practicing these beneficial poses.

Visit the link here to join the event!

All ages, sizes, genders and levels of flexibility can participate! I'll be sharing modifications for the poses using props to make them more accesible.

And one of you awesome participants will win a prize pack with a strap,Needful Things Natural Home & Body Care products and a CD from my favorite DJ/Musician/Composer Dragon House Studios - Eugene Ward!

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Totally RAWsome New Year
to Jan 7

Totally RAWsome New Year

New Year's resolutions, who needs 'em?! This online challenge is a do-it-your-way online kickstart to cultivating sustainable healthy choices that are in line with your own wellness goals and lifestyle. 
The plan is to eat one raw meal a day for the first seven days of the new year. Beginning on December 31st, every day I'll post one of my favorite raw vegan recipes that I've created for you to add to your repertoire, you don't have to use the recipe that I post. You also don't have to be a vegan to participate, the idea is to encourage you to make good and sustainable health choices!

Follow the link to RSVP to get all the recipes!

*Check with your health care provider to ensure you are able to participate in this event.

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