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Sunday Green Juice

Sunday Green Juice

Sunday Green Juice is a weekly tradition I started for my family for the marathon that was church day. Being very active in several different ministries, making it through Sundays meant getting a great start and having sustainable energy to take on the day! Although I now live thousands of miles away in Portland, Oregon, this green juice is still a staple in my repertoire.

My Sunday Green Juice is a great way to tackle any day of the week with victorious energy! See the recipe below and let me know if you try it!



2 bunches of celery 

1 green bell pepper 

Large handful of kale 

Thumb-sized piece of ginger root

2 large green apples 

 *Put through the juicer and enjoy! Ginger is great for pain, circulation and nausea and gives this juice a nice kick that will really get you going!* 

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