Photo by Ken Brown Photography

Photo by Ken Brown Photography


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Raw Vegan Cranberry Orange Superfood Bowl


Take advantage of leftover cranberries with this raw vegan Cranberry-Orange Superfood Bowl! Cranberries are high in antioxidant free-radical-fighting goodness as well as many vitamins vital to good health. Oranges of course have immune-boosting Vitamin C, B, A, folate and dietary fiber. Raw whole coconut oil also has many immune-boosting and bacteria-fighting health properties. So extend your Thanksgiving cranberries in a delicious, healthy way with this yummy superfood bowl. 



*1 12-oz package of fresh cranberries (freeze them)

*1 T Raw Whole Coconut Oil

*1 whole orange

*1 T Chia seeds

*Coconut Water

*1 T Agave or your favorite natural sweetener


*Blend all ingredients on high speed (except for coconut water). Then SLOWLY add coconut water while blending until smooth. Top with coconut flakes and chia seeds and enjoy!

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