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DIY Organic Vanilla Extract

Organic Vanilla Beans

Organic Vanilla Beans

I am a vanilla addict. If my brother were writing this post, he would insert a joke about my dating history, but luckily I'm writing

But seriously, ever since I was young, I have loved the warm scent and flavor of vanilla. Retailing for anywhere from $9-$50, I realized that I could totally make my own organic vanilla extract for cooking and body products for not too much money, and super simply too! All you'll need is vodka, vanilla beans, a sanitized glass container with a lid, and time. Here's the super simple recipe:

Day 1 Vanilla Extract

Day 1 Vanilla Extract


  • 3-5 organic vanilla bean pods
  • organic vodka, (I used 100-proof since I'm also making perfume, but you can totally use a lower proof)
  • a sanitized glass container, I used a pint-sized mason jar


  1. Cut bean pods in half length-wise, if you're using a smaller jar like I did, cut them in half vertically as well so that they will fit completely in your jar.
  2. Put vanilla pods in the jar and completely cover with organic vodka.
  3. Give it a shake every day or two, it will be ready for use in about two months. You can remove the bean pods or leave them in the jar after your vanilla extract is ready to use.
  4. Enjoy!
Clementine Extract in the making

Clementine Extract in the making

*Note: You can also make extracts from other flavors including oranges/lemons/limes (just use the zest), mint and cinnamon. These make great gifts as well!


Next month I will be sharing my Vanilla Lemon Cookie Perfume Recipe which uses this homemade vanilla extract, stay tuned for the post!

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