Photo by Ken Brown Photography

Photo by Ken Brown Photography


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Two Ingredient Healthy Shamrock Shake-It! Recipe

St. Patrick's Day is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I know I say that about pretty much all the holidays, but besides learning that I surprisingly have Irish lineage (I guess that explains the lovely red hair in my family!), I have always been inspired by the story of St. Patrick. I've done a special St. Patrick's Day-themed yoga event every year since becoming certified to teach. There are various accounts of his story, but a few details remain pretty constant throughout the different versions.

Captured from his home as a teenager by Irish pirates, he was a slave for approximately six years, working as a shepherd (hmm, sounds familiar...) During the time of his captivity, he began and cultivated a personal relationship with God, strengthened by his experience. After six years in captivity, he clearly heard God say that he would soon be delivered from his captivity and return home, which he did. After coming home, he was given a vision from God saying that he would return to Ireland to help lead the people to Christ. In obedience, he returned to the land of his captivity to do just that. 

He is credited with first using the shamrock, a three-leafed plant, to illustrate the concept of the Trinity, which brings me to my latest recipe post! So many people are also excited about the month of March because it signals the return of one of the most beloved, albeit unhealthy, treats, the Shamrock Shake. I've created a two-ingredient vegan version which is sure to satisfy your craving in a much healthier way. See the details below.


☘Vanilla Coconut Milk (or your favorite vanilla dairy-free milk)

☘Fresh Mint or Food Grade Peppermint Essential Oil

☘You will also need an ice cube tray & of course a blender  


1. Freeze the coconut milk in ice cube trays overnight

2. Put whole tray of ice cubes (about 16 in a standard-sized ice cube tray) and 1 sprig of fresh mint (or more to taste) in a blender

3. Slowly blend by adding 1-2 Cups of the coconut milk (about a half cup at a time) 

4. Voila! You have a healthy, vegan Shamrock Shake! It's as easy as that! You can also sub the fresh mint for 2-3 drops of a food-grade peppermint essential oil. ☘

*Tip: Freeze your milk (almond, coconut, soy, etc.) in ice cube trays overnight for a quick smoothie! Just add more of the milk when blending to get your desired texture when making your smoothie!

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