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Butter Coffee aka Coco-Latte Goodness

Butter Coffee aka Coco-Latte Goodness


The "experts" go back and forth on whether or not coffee is good for you or if it is indeed harmful. The bottom line is that people love coffee and are probably not ever going to give it up completely. So this post is a recipe for a beneficial butter coffee latte.

I don't actually put butter in it (ghee: not vegan) but "Oil Coffee" isn't a very appealing title, is it? This recipe gives you a healthier and more beneficial way to enjoy your coffee. And if your kids also recently started school again, this recipe may come in handy for you as you get back into the swing of things.

I learned about putting coconut oil in coffee from a friend that I went through yoga instructor certification with. I've found that if you just add the coconut oil to your coffee, it kind of just sits all oily at the top unless you continually stir it-even then the texture can be off-putting to some people.

Enter the Butter Coffee Recipe! Putting the coffee, coconut oil, vanilla and sweetener in the blender makes a delicious, frothy treat that is a much healthier alternative than your average drive-through espresso. You can also make these ahead of time in ice or silicone molds and pop one in your blender to add to your coffee when you're ready to use it.

Coconut oil has many beneficial properties and I can definitely say that I am a big fan of this amazing ingredient for hair, skin and health purposes.

Frequently classified as a "Superfood," coconut oil contains MCT's or "Medium-Chain Triglycerides" which help boost your metabolism and energy expenditure. It also contains lauric acid which is known to help ward off harmful bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown that it may even lower your risk of heart disease and improve blood pressure as well as boost brain function.

Butter Coffee Hearts in coconut milk, ready to be added to coffee!

Butter Coffee Hearts in coconut milk, ready to be added to coffee!


  • Standard cup of Organic Coffee     

  • 1-3 T Coconut Oil           

  • 1T Organic Vanilla Extract                  

  • Stevia, Maple Syrup, Agave or your favorite sweetener                  


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend until frothy at the top. Pour into a mug and enjoy your healthy coffee!

Note: Drink immediately or the coconut oil will separate.

This coco-latte goodness also goes great with my vegan chocolate cupcakes!

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