Photo by Ken Brown Photography

Photo by Ken Brown Photography


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Midoriko Superfood Kombucha

Midoriko Superfood Kombucha

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Say whhhhaaaaaat? Green kombucha? For real???

Now you might be thinking that I'm taking this whole holistic wellness thing a little too far with this one, but bear with me! I made a delicious super-powered kombucha using my Midoriko Superfood Powder, which is my special all natural proprietary blend of wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella that both detoxes and replenishes you for optimum health. 

You can check out my Fall Chai Spice Recipe for more info on the numerous benefits of kombucha. All I can say about my Midoriko Kombucha is don't knock it 'till you try it! It's a great way to get in both your beneficial greens AND your probiotic goodness  


Ingredients (for Midoriko kombucha)

 Ingredients (second fermentation, optional)

  • 1-2 T lemon juice

  • Kombucha to fill 16 oz. (Approx. 2 cups) 

Directions (first fermentation) 

  1.  Boil water, stir in sugar until dissolved

  2. Add Midoriko Powder and let cool completely

  3. Strain with a coffee filter over a fine mesh sieve

  4. Add SCOBY+starter kombucha to the Midoriko mixture

  5. Cover jar with a cloth or towel secured with a rubber band (I also use a paper towel or coffee filter secured with a mason jar lid ring)

  6. Let ferment 5-10 days

  7.  Remove film that forms on top of kombucha and discard.

  8. Transfer to fridge-that slows the fermentation process down so it won’t keep getting stronger and stronger

Directions (Midoriko Kombucha 2nd fermentation, optional)

  1. Add lemon juice and Midoriko Kombucha to container

  2. Stir to combine and place kitchen towel or cloth on the jar again

  3. Let ferment a second time for 3-7 days, or longer if desired

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