Amethyst Lavender Blue Butterfly Bath Bomb

Amethyst Lavender Blue Butterfly Bath Bomb

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Lavender, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...๐Ÿ’œ

This calming, mood-boosting antiviral and anti-fungal superplant is paired with an equally magnificent crystal and a special superfood powder for maximum benefits. The luxurious Amethyst Lavender Blue Butterfly Bath Bomb is boosted with the addition of Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Powder. Never heard of it? Let me tell you some of it's benefits:

  • Native to Southeast Asia and India, Butterfly Pea Flower, like green tea, is full of antioxidants (fights free radicals when consumed & when used externally)

  • Aids in calming depression and anxiety

  • Stimulates hair growth+strengthens the immune system

  • Is a chameleon of color, from pink to deep indigo, when mixed with different ingredients

Amethyst is a protective stone that is a natural stress reliever. It can help to balance mood swings and soothe irritability and anxiety. It may help ease headaches, activate spiritual awareness and act as a healing and cleansing stone.

Directions: Add to a tub of warm water, breathe deeply and let your cares melt away. You can also use it in the shower for an aromatherapy experience by placing it on the floor in the water stream away from the drain.

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Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, distilled water, amethyst crystal, blue butterfly pea flower powder, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil

*Every stone will vary. May be tumbled or raw.*

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