Obsidian Dark Mermaid Beauty Salts

Obsidian Dark Mermaid Beauty Salts

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Come to the dark side of the moon & relax in an obsidian sea of detoxification with these moody bath+beauty salts containing mineral salts, kelp and activated charcoal. The color and gentle detoxing comes from the charcoal, the kelp provides your skin with beneficial minerals and vitamins, direct from the ocean itself. Each bag contains a real obsidian stone inside with the salts. Obsidian is a protective, truth-enhancing stone that stimulates growth, promotes exploration, clears confusion and dissolves emotional blockages.

Directions: Add desired amount of salts to a tub of warm water, breathe deeply and enjoy. Combine with Monokeros Multi-Use Love Serum or your favorite beauty oil for a beneficial face and body scrub.

Ingredients: baking soda, kelp powder, activated charcoal, obsidian stone, epsom salts and mineral salts

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