Monokeros Rose Quartz Love Mist, 1oz.

Monokeros Rose Quartz Love Mist, 1oz.


Now your favorite Multi-Use Mist comes with a pink+gold shimmer upgrade!

Monokeros is Greek for “unicorn” and this beautiful mist is sure to bring out your inner uni-glow. 🦄 The buildable formula allows you to have a subtle shimmer or full-on glam girl glitter glow.

This multi-use mist features my signature Love essential oil blend, aloe vera juice and witch hazel. Each artisan-blended small batch Mist is infused with the healing power of real rose quartz pieces in every bottle and can be used on the face, body or hair.

Known as the "love stone," rose quartz is said to be a stone that encourages compassion, peace, tenderness and contentment, as well as a love of self, others, and beauty. Every Monokeros Love Mist comes with a card of self love affirmations with original artwork to incorporate into your self care and wellness regimens.

You can read more about the benefits of my specially curated Love essential oil blend here.

Directions: Shake+Spray! Shake the bottle and allow the rose quartz chips to mix the Mist. This is a natural product, free from chemical preservatives, so separation of ingredients will occur. If the nozzle won't spray, run warm water over the spray hole or gently and carefully poke the hole with a pin to clear it. Avoid getting on fabrics.

Ingredients: Propriety blend of Love essential oils, aloe vera juice, witch hazel, distilled water, rose quartz, mica

*This listing is for Love Mist only, see the Monokeros Rose Quartz Love Serum here.

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