Greetings Friends of Cazoshay & D.I.D.,

This is Shay's mom writing with sad news but a grateful heart. On Friday evening as Cazoshay was leaving a museum event, she was struck by a vehicle traveling 40 mph. She was propelled 15' in the air and thrown 100' forward. We give God all the glory that she has serious injuries but given what occurred she is okay. 

If you have placed orders, signed up for classes or future events, we ask your patience. When she has sufficiently recovered, she will tell her brother and I what orders need to be filled and we will complete shipments.

Friends, I must share that you never know what God is preparing you for when He places a passion in your heart. This is truly a "Simon Birch" successful blessing. If you have not seen the movie it is worth taking the time to watch. We attribute the fact while her injuries are acute, because for years Shay has practiced holistic living including yoga, mindful eating, meditation and above all built her relationship with God, she has faired far better than even doctors understand. Please never doubt that even the smallest change toward a healthier lifestyle will make a difference.

I must tell you that when she was able to speak, one of the things she said is that she is so sad that there has been an interruption on her path to helping others. I responded, 'Daughter, think of all the people you will help with your testimony about the journey to complete recovery. You are down but not defeated!' 

We request your prayers and understanding during this time of Shay's recovery.

Follow your Passions, Make a difference & Blessings to All

--Wisteria-aka Shay's Mom :)