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Making the Most of the Changing Seasons

Making the Most of the Changing Seasons

The first blog post on my *own* new blog is actually a repost of something I posted back in September of 2014. It's one that I previously submitted to another wellness website and it was not accepted to be published. It's appropriate that this is the first post on MY new blog as it represents this newfound season in my life. As I turn 30, transitioning into the next major decade of my life, I am answering the call to share health and wellness with the world on my own (read: God's) terms. Instead of waiting to be accepted by other outlets, I am in control of how and what I post and share, rather than trying to fit into someone else's mold or template. So enjoy this "vintage" post, and share in the comments how you like to transition into the fall season. Namaste.

5 Ways to Make the Most of the Changing Seasons

Fall is probably my favorite season. It may have something to do with the fact that my birthday comes during this season, but more so because I really consider autumn to be like a "second spring." As summer transitions to the cooler autumn months, it's an opportunity to invite some positive changes and habits into your life. Here are five ways to make the most out of the transition to fall.

1. Embrace the Change

It doesn't have to be something major, but as the season changes, try mixing it up and trying something new with your own routine. Go to a new restaurant, make a subtle change to your hairstyle, or read a book from a genre you don't typically read. Embracing and inviting change breaks up monotony and adds interest and enjoyment to your life in unexpected ways.

2. Get Physical

As the temperature begins to drop, there can be a tendency to allow fitness habits to drop off as well. Make a commitment to stay active as the weather gets cooler. Going for a run or practicing yoga outdoors while taking in the beauty of the changing leaves is a great way to stay motivated to keep up with physical activity as fall approaches.

3. Get an Immune Boost

Fall is also known as the start of cold and flu season. Get ahead of the game by boosting your immune system naturally. Incorporating echinacea supplements and a good multivitamin are great ways to pump up your immune system before the colds start circulating. (Always consult a health care professional before taking any herbs or supplements.)

4. Create a Ritual

Embrace the change by creating a ritual? Seems counterintuitive, right? But as the weather gets harsher, having something to look forward to each day makes the transition much easier. After a long day of teaching yoga events, doing research and answering emails, I look forward to a warm cup of tea or organic cocoa at the end of the day. Whatever that ritual may be for you, whether ten minutes of quiet meditation on your lunch break, or dry brushing your skin before a shower, having a daily ritual to look forward to eases the transition from one season to the next.

5. Clear the Clutter

As we make the change from summer to fall, take the opportunity to do a second "spring cleaning." Put away summer clothes, or even donate those you no longer wear. Take this time to de-clutter your surroundings to go into the next season free from anything physical that is no longer serving you.

Now that you have some options to make the most out of the transition from summer to fall, don't forget to take time to just enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons that is all around you!

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