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Hip Hop Community Yoga

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to FLOW to!

Hey there cats and kittens, I've missed you! Community Hop Hop yoga is back in session April 19th, 6:30-7:30pm at Taborspace. Still offered at a discounted rate of $10/session. Follow the Facebook link for more info. See below for more details about the class:

This 45-minute class, which features a soundtrack of hip hop, soul, r&b and old school jams, is appropriate for all levels of fitness and wellness goals in a challenging, yet relaxing format. 

In keeping with my desire to make health and wellness within our communities accessible to as many people as possible, it's offered at a discounted rate of just $10/class (normal class fee is $15). Please have the exact fee in cash or you can pay by credit card. 

A few things to know about class:
1) You don't have to come early. Registration, paying and interacting with your fellow students happens from 6:30-6:45, the class itself is 45 minutes. Since it's a community class, the first 15 minutes is for community!
2) What to wear: regular workout clothes are fine. We work up a good sweat, so something you are comfortable moving in is good.
3) Bring a yoga mat or towel, I won't have any extra mats to borrow.
4) "Do I Have to Have Yoga Experience?" Hecks no! This class is for all levels of fitness and wellness goals; formatted in a relaxing, yet challenging environment.
5) Payment: please have the exact fee amount in cash or pay with a card, I won't have change!
6) Come with an open mind and be prepared to have fun! I encourage singing, dancing and of course, smiling!
7) What Style of Yoga is It? I'm a unique and outside the box teacher, so this class fuses elements of Hatha and gentle Vinyasa styles